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“The boys team of Gage Eden, Chase Yoho, AJ McCarthy, and Tyson Camsky has advance to the regional placing

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“If you ever want to know a person’s true intentions - just let them talk. Silence in conversation is a dying art.

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P George Micheal a true legend, gone but will never be forgotten by your lovelies love and respect as always x”

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“Hey Human Rights Commission: U don't need a complaint to investigate reports of Imams in Canada calling 4 death of Jews.

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“Feminism is no longer a fight for equality, it's a hysterical squabble for special victim status.

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“Are Ziggy and Michelle even listening to each other? Catch repeat Saturday at and Sunday at

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yrs ago, Oilers doubled up Flames Pat Hughes' 5 goals was the difference on way to career high of 27 that season.