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Chouji Akimichi

Choji Akimichi, one of the best characters in naruto!

This is one of the best scenes ever! :)

This was one of my fav ep and ch when Naruto meets Minato for the first time and fiinds at at long last who his parents were << yep I can't wait to see it in the anime

Shikamaru after the death of Asuma

I miss Asuma too. One of the times I actually cried while watching Naruto. Not only that but Shikamaru's dad is the best dad in the whole anime that we actually meet in a way

Why Sasuke was not at Naruto's wedding… I don't ship Naruto and Hinata

Naruto is awesome, no one cared for him, if I was in Naruto world I would care for him unlike the others

Road to ninja is one of the best naruto movies. I thought I was going to pee my pants i was laughing so hard in the theater.

Road to ninja is one of the best naruto movies. Althought agressive hinata was pretty amusing i still prefer her as the sky girl she is :D

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