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Fall Weaving in Preschool - Weaving with Feathers from www.fun-a-day.com.  Great activity for Thanksgiving fine motor skill practice.

Fall Weaving in Preschool - Weaving with Feathers {Fun-A-Day!}

Feathery fun fall weaving in preschool! Children weave with feathers using small homemade looms. Thanksgiving craft that incorporates fine motor skills.


Easy Art for Kids - Painting on Foil

easy art for kids foil painting // It also helps to add a small amount of dish washing liquid to your paint mix. Not only will that make cleaning up easier but it also helps the paint to stick to the foil better and not flake off when it dries.

Painting snow with watercolors.  This is a great indoor or outdoor activity for kids of all ages! By Sugar Aunts.

Painting Snow with Watercolors

Bring snow inside in a water table for snowy sensory play with water color paints

best kids paint recipe ever:  1C flour, 3T baking powder, 1t salt, and enough water to make it look like pancake paste. Divvy it up into however many colours you like, and use food colouring to colour it. Chuck each picture in the microwave for 30 odd seconds, and it dries and fluffs up. Good fun, no wet paintings and not too much mess!  Follow link for more #Christmas #thanksgiving #Holiday #quote

How to make puffy paint? Recipe for Puffy Paint 1 Tablespoon Self Raising Flour 1 Table Spoon Salt 3 Teaspoons Water Food Colouring Continually mix the ingredients with a paint brush until all ingredients have combined well into a paste.

When you know your life is sad

Gotta save a bunch of milk jugs for this. Cute idea though How to Build a Milk Jug Igloo [video]