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Another reason to be reading From Matt Haig's latest novel - Echo Boy. Full review & online book price comparison

From Matt Haig’s latest novel - Echo Boy

The Humans - Matt Haig

The Humans - Matt Haig

Matt Haig quote

A quote by Matt Haig.

books - life with the boring bits cut out

No Frigate Like a Book

Hurts like Hell but........A-NY

/// You know you're an avid reader of an interesting book when you know this is true: " book addicts sneeze with their eyes open so they don't miss a word.

I want a relationship like in the BOOKS (not movies)!

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Julia Donaldson on Books | Scottish Poetry Library

Scottish Poetry Library poster - Julia Donaldson, from "I opened a book". and all was well

It's day 58 without Dan and Gavin can't see an end. Figures its hopeless, is desperate for some relief, for a cure for the hole in his heart where Dan should be. And Burnie Burns is looking for this rogue MI6 agent, apparently pretty good with a computer.

Bc life continues even after people die

Life and books!...

"Life without books is like an unsharpened pencil. it has no point.and proves a point!

To me too

I'm the kind of girl that will sit in my chair at the beach & read my favorite book instead of going in the water!