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Unlikely animal friendships... I'm the original badger girl

30 unlikely animal friendships

30 Unlikely Animal Friendships Stylist Magazine - After being treated at a wildlife hospital, this baby badger and fox cub became the firmest of friends.

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The composition of this photo is very well done. I like how the reflection and the fox meet in the center of the photo. The contrast in the photo draws attention to the fox and enhances its beautiful red/orange coat.

A tawny owl and fox cub form unlikely duo! An owl chick and fox cub have built up an unlikely rapport after each was rescued from attacks by predatory birds.

Unlikely Animal Friends

Red Fox Cub and Owl This is just amazing. I wonder what happened to thye baby fox's mother. He certainly has adopted the owl as his mommy. Look how he is leaning into the owl for comfort and support.

After all those posts about cates and doges it's time for one about foxes

Why does the Tibetan Sand Fox look like a fat wolf in the face area?

On ne peut pas forcer l'amitié. Il faut du temps.

Weekly Inspiration 4

Little Red Flying Foxes

The Little Red Flying Foxes: Species of megabat native to northern and eastern Australia. With a weight of grams it is the smallest flying fox in mainland Australia.

Brown Hare - Elliot Hook Photography

A wildlife gallery dedicated to the Brown Hare (Lepus europaeus) taken around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Suffolk, including Havergate Island