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On a mission with the Dude Photoportee And Norbert Löv on the remy martin tour .

Really like the sunlight peeking through the green as nature reclaims this window.  I guess I find beauty in the weirdest things...

Home green wallpaper house plants mint green overgrowth decay Ivy overgrown YARD restoration forest green photohraphy old house moss green pale green army green kelly green wild garden Hunter Green mantis green inside old home inside old house


When Dan Marbaix has visited the West Park Hospital, in England, he realized that this place had “everything a photographer wants” : the setting, a

Abandoned mansion, house

Manor Hotel , abandoned building painted ceilings and decay. It would be gorgeous if fixed up. I can imagine how divine this place is!

What a story there must be here.

Throw away bicycle Photo - caption by Tang WING KIT Location: India. places where has on the things people abandoned.