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Divergent/THG Crossover "Who is she?" "Tris Prior, District 13."

Divergent/THG Crossover "Who is she?

I'm not a girl, I am a storm with skin.  (My edit I made it) With  Tris, Max, Izzy lightwood, Harminoe, Hazel grace, Clary, And katniss everdeen.

I'm not a girl, I am a storm with skin. With - Tris - Max - Izzy lightwood - Hermione - Hazel Grace - Clary - Katniss Everdeen.

I think of.. none from the heroes in my fandoms

i can't decide if i like these edits. because while life has is bumps and can be terrible, life is also worth living and there were happy, if you think about it.

"@DivergentPrime: "We are not the problem. We are the solution." #VoteTrisMTV " I'm sorry I've probably posted this  a million times

Tris Prior on

"We are not the problem. We are the solution." Never afraid to be yourself you are beautiful just the way you are ❤️

The evolution of Tris Prior #Divergent #Insurgent #Allegiant

The evolution of Tris Prior Allegiant the movie makes me so nervous. Hopefully it works out to be good

Divergent // Jump // Tobias Four Eaton // Beatrice Tris Prior // Edit

This is so cute, so I stared reading the book I am nearly finished insurgent so I'm excited to read allegiant even though heaps of people are saying she dies.

When Fandoms Collide: Teresa Agnes, Tris Prior, Hermione Granger, Katniss Everdeen, Clary Fray, Annabeth Chase, and Rose Hathaway

When Fandoms Collide … Hermione Granger ~ Harry Potter Katniss Everdeen ~ The Hunger Games Tris Prior ~ Divergent Teresa Agnes ~ The Maze Runner Clary Fray ~ The Mortal Instruments Annabeth Chase ~ Percy Jackson Rose Hathaway ~ Vampire Academy

*** SPOILER *** "Death could not erase her. She is permanent." ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~

My boyfriend said that to me and I thought it was so cute but he put all of the pics he has of me instead of Tris

Where is finnick and cinna I mean really come on

Sorry if this is a spoiler for anyone.