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Critical thinking tools for everybody! Check out these options to help students foster critical thinking skills in the classroom.

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I chose this because it's a good chart that shows Bloom's Digital Taxonomy Verbs. It's a fun chart that classifies verbs related to technology by their basic function.

A short movie for kids teaching growth mindset - with a corresponding lesson plan


Good for teaching the process. A short movie for kids teaching growth mindset - with a corresponding lesson plan

This school year - Put your Thinking Caps on! using the 6 Thinking Hats downloads - posters, planners, and student cards. Make your classroom a THINKING place this year!

The 6 Thinking caps. Teaching students to analyze a situation from different perspectives. Could have the hats as props in the room and let students wear!

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How many triangles can you make with 9 sticks? Or older kids, Who can use these 9 sticks to make the most triangles? Kids can reinforce geometry and critical thinking skills through creating various shapes with sticks.

My mentor teacher printed this out and put it near where she wrote the objectives

Bloom’s revised Taxonomy with verbs

Bloom's Revised Taxonomy Action Verbs infographic includes some action words that are useful in writing learning objectives.

This product contains 6 different posters for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. On each poster there is a list of the common verbs that are associated with each level of thinking.  On each poster there is a visual to show the students how much "brain power" it requires to answer questions with the given verbs.

Higher Order Thinking Posters based on Bloom's Taxonomy

These posters represent each level of Bloom's Taxonomy. Each poster has verbs that relate to the specified level and a "bar of brain power" to assess the level of difficulty and thinking required.

Poster - How to be an independent learner

Sean Junkins on

Awesome Visual Featuring 18 Tips to Raise Independent Learners ~ Educational Technology and Mobile Learning