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I have never had any desire to smoke a cigar, but I found this very interesting.....

Beginner's guide to cigars. I have no intention of smoking a cigar but this was interesting to read. > I don't smoke at all.

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Few things go together better than a nice, small batch Bourbon or a single barrel&single malt Scotch and a fine cigar.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Cigar Sizes and Shapes

Ever wonder about all the different cigar shapes or how ring gauge is measured? This week’s infographic is a quick guide to cigar shapes and sizes. Embed code (please be sure to convert quotation marks from curly quotes to straight quotes):

lets talk cigar sizes:    Cigars are measured with 2 measurements:    1. The length (in inches)   2. The ring gauge (Diameter of the cigar in 64ths of an inch).     Now that's the easy part. The different sizes also have names associated with them.     Attached is a chart to help distinguish the different sizes and shapes. The rules regarding the sizes and names are not steadfast, nor is the chart a complete list, but its a good place to start.

The guys at Stogies on the Rocks created this Cigar Size & Shape Chart to be a quick visual reference for cigar smokers.

Black Dragon: Most expensive cigar in the world $115,000 box of 100 v

Gurkha Black Dragon: Most Expensive Cigar In The World.

Delicious and Gorgeous full bodied Cognac. Marvelous!

Good drink and a good Cuban ( I smoke Cohiba Robusto) cigar for a true Man!

I've tried most of these.  VERY good if you like flavored cigars.

Acid Cigars by Drew Estate are a unique experience for the cigar smoker. Acid cigars for sale include the Acid blondie cigars, and acid cigar sampler packs.

It's Livvy's Mom's World!

cognac and cigars.This won't make any sense, I don't drink and I don't smoke, but there is something romantic, sexy, something about a cigar and cognac or whiskey.

Cigar Bag Gentleman’s Essentials

If I smoked Cigars, I would want this! Weekend Leather Cigar Case I don't smoke cigars and I still want this

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Here Are The 25 Best Cigars Of 2013

Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars from 2013 at a glance.

"Shall we gather for whiskey and cigars tonight?" "I believe so."

♂ Really Beautiful Image of Some High Class Cigars and Drinks You don’t light a cigar with a normal lighter…

Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigars - Real vs Fake Counterfeit Comparison

Cohiba Esplendido Cuban Cigars - Real vs Fake Counterfeit Comparison Wish I knew this before I got screwed