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Average New-Car Down Payment Hits Near-Record High

Businesses who store customer vehicles need to be protected with a garage keepers insurance policy. If anything were to happen to a customer's vehicle (even if it was not your fault) while you.

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Mermaid Ariel's Voice Ursula The Little Mermaid Disney inspired conch shell necklace

Xiaomi Mi 5 undergoes the ultimate torture examination   As with almost all flagship devices nowadays its now the Xiaomi Mi 5s time to shine in the torture examination.  Torture examinations are designed to test the durability of todays mobile devices. In the video Xiaomi Mi 5 Pros 3D Ceramic Body Torture Test a user tests the strength of the phone by putting it through a variety of tests. The user used several varyingmaterials to try to scratch the body of the Mi 5. This appeared to go very…

Pre-orders have gone up for Xiaomi's long-awaited Mi 5 flagship smartphone.The Xiaomi Mi 5 launched about a month ago, and appeared to be a real .

AllUsedAuto.Com: Advantages of Purchasing Used Cars from Dealers

AllUsedAuto.Com: Advantages of Purchasing Used Cars from Dealers

Dealer #Fraud: Profiting from Rebates

Auto dealership tricks and scams Shopping for a new car can be a daunting proposition -- but it need not be if you know what to expect (and are willing to walk away).

Kick start your #automobiledealership with DLC, the easy & legit way to get car dealer license.

Tips and Advice for Car Salesmen from a Car Buyer Study

Have You Thought About Becoming a Driver for Lyft/Uber?

LA Taxi Drivers were protesting rideshare apps yesterday by driving around city hall and honking their horns. Do you guys use Uber, Lyft or Sidecar?