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don't forget

I asked for forgiveness of anything I did said or even thought about yesterday that could hinder anything of today ( and the rest of my days) I was forgiven so today is really a new day that shouldn't involve any parts of yesterday's news.

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Dewdrop on

"Imagination - the muscle of the soul" -Vladimir Nabokov. Very well said!

consider this.

Though the wisdom reaches our eyes and ears, we have yet to believe that we can begin again. That the wisdom of our words is our greatest power and the stories of our lives our greatest strength!

There, I've said it! I know it's bad but some people just keep talking and annoy me way too much.

I wish I could put some people on mute. Oh how I wish I could!


May your coffee be strong and your Monday be short. Can't drink coffee anymore and Mondays are hour days.

Choose your motivation

Anger and hate dig holes. Low and kindness move mountains. Choose your motivation wisely.

as the end of summer approaches, I find myself wondering what my next (and final) academic year will be like. I really hope it will be good like last year and not awful like the year before that...

Stop being afraid of what could go WRONG and think of what could go RIGHT Share Inspire Quotes - Love Quotes Funny Quotes Quotes about Life Motivational Quotes

Bullies are but the spawn of ignorance, to be trodden on by those they trampled. -Benjamin Sands

Just Be NICE! Here's a nice post about what happens when people are nice. what happens when people do nice things? Let's all try to be nice. nice things will happen! (I Will Try Harder)

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There's always a little.....

There's always a little truth behind every "just kidding" a little Knowledge behind every " I don't know" A little emotion behind every "I don't care" a little pain behind every " It's okay" ~ Joke All You Can

Me and my best friend got into a fight and I told her how I felt she got mad and now she's not speaking to me. What she doesn't t understand is that I need her. She helps me but she doesn't know that. Rain I hope you read this

Remember this. Stop saying sorry! Positive Thoughts, Positive Life: Quotes To Live By.NEVER apologise for being real.

<< this remind me of the fan fic I'm writing lol

A month ago I thought I could have my forever with the amazing memories but he changed that. Memories last but people don't.