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Matt Norklun - Vogue Hommes International F/W 10 Cover (Vogue Hommes International)

“Memoirs“ Cast Face Claims

Rufus Sewell-my new favorite Brit actor (tied with Tom Hardy- ok so I can't decide- well, maybe I prefer the more mature Rufus.

Lauren Hutton

Lauren Hutton--still beautiful--rejects cosmetic surgery. And her face MOVES! She is expressive!

Rethinking what models look like today.

Having a beard is your most outstanding personal expression as the man you can make, and you want to take good care of it. If you want your gray beard to coincide with the brunette hair on your hea…

An Astonishing Portrait of Lauren Bacall at Age 88 - Because this is a woman who LIVED all of her 89 years and didn't try to hide it. Every smile, every frown, every laugh, every sob, every cutting glance, and every smoldering stare is etched there for us to see. Her blue eyes still blaze, and she doesn't try to look 58 or 68 because she ISN'T those ages...she's 88. And proud of it. And that's something to admire.

An Astonishing Portrait of Lauren Bacall at Age 88

Anderson Cooper

Love me some anderson cooper. Who cares if he's gay? He's intelligent, sexy, and funny. Almost makes me wish I was a gay man.

Cary Grant

Not wishing to watch himself “grow old on screen,” and wishing to spend more time with his young daughter, Cary Grant retired from Hollywood at the age of His retirement, like his on-screen image, was graceful. Such a handsome classy man;

Lars Mikkelsen

mycockholmess: “Lars Mikkelsen Damn those Mikkelsen bros got some good genes. I knew Mads was hot but hell.

'Yes, I am pretty awesome aren't I'

Michel Roux Jr on Escoffier, his food hero and Britain's first celebrity chef

'Yes, I am pretty awesome aren't I'