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Lobbyist and Washington Post writer Ed Rogers disclosed to readers that his lobbying firm "represents interests in the fossil fuel industry." BGR Group

Post Doesnt Disclose Writer Supporting Syria Strike Is A Lobbyist For Tomahawk Missile Manufacturer

Trumps popularity spikes among Republicans

Trump’s popularity spikes among Republicans

donald trump news The Daily More Republicans ditch Trump, conclude he cannot win George W. Bush trying to save GOP Senate with five fundraisers

Koch Brothers Claim Another State in War on Renewables | EcoWatch | "Throughout the last two decades state after state has passed renewable energy standards, often with big bipartisan majorities, as investment in technologies like wind and solar held great promise for economic growth and job creation in addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change and decreasing air pollution. But in the last few years, pressed by fossil fuel businesses such as Koch Industries and…

Koch Brothers Claim Another State in War on Renewables They have succeeded in repealing environmental standards in Ohio, West Virginia and now, Kansass

Bill Maher Calls Out MSNBC's Wall To Wall Coverage Of Trump's Rambling Speeches

Someone needed to do it.

i want you to ignore the facts that my ring says 'there is no god but allah'. ~obama:

I'm not a big fan of Justin Bieber but this picture made me smile. It's not hilarious but I find this picture funny.

Josh Duggar’s Sexual Abuse Is a Right-Wing Cultural Problem

We need to seriously address the real problem, which is ignoring a cult that excuses the sexual abuse of children and turns predators into victims.

Obama aides 'were told to preserve evidence of Russian election hacking ...

Obama administration officials reportedly spent the final days in the White House trying to spread information within government about Russian efforts to und.

Iceland Begin To Jail Bankers...about time the rest of the world does the same...

Iceland sentences 26 bankers to a combined 74 years in prison-Unlike the Department of Justice, Iceland is focusing on prosecuting the CEOs rather than low-level traders.