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In Prison My Whole Life
One of our other scenes is of the girls being questioned. The questions are never said but the girls answers overlap and make the questions obvious. This technique will be used more than once. At the beginning it is shown to introduce the girls and towards the end it is used to portray how fed up they are with the constant questioning.
Dr. Reid has no chill (this is something he said)
The two sides of drug abuse: The startling photos that show the ravaging effects of substance addiction
"W-what happened this time?" "Seems like whatever or whoever did this has gotten…
Tweaked it. He stared down at his blood covered hands in horror. "What did you do?" The woman's eyes were wide as her lips trembled. "I didn't do anything. That was all you."
New! For the "Baby Girl" Criminal Minds fans! This whimsical mug is customizable…
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