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Plow  Hearth Neighborhood - Recipes - Pie Iron French Breakfast Puffs

Plow & Hearth Neighborhood - How To - Cook In Your Fireplace Or Woodstove ~ for the next time our power goes out during an ice storm.


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Wind power, solar power, and collected rain water. Picture is of the well water collection tank with a pump powered by wind and solar power.

Pie Iron Cooking produces crispy, juicy delights.

Fireplace cooking is primitive, fun, delicious and sexy! Learn more about how to cook a delicious meal in your fireplace right here.

Got a camping trip coming up? Check out these clever ideas for using your pie iron to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert!

7 Ideas for Campfire Pie Irons

Pie Irons aren't just for making campfire pies! Check out some of the deliciously easy pie iron recipes you can make the next time you go camping.

Pie Iron Recipes

Pie iron is cookware used mainly on camping and cooking in a fireplace. Pie iron is also known as toasties, hobo pies, pie sham, mountain pies,.some great recipes

Rome's #2011 Creative Pie Iron Cooking Book by Rome Industries, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001JB3VB4/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_5XD3rb18CWSK2

Rome's Creative Pie Iron Cooking Book Over 100 recipes Recipes submitted by users throughout North America A great companion item with Rome pie irons inch by inch

7 Pie Iron Recipes for the whole family

7 Pie Iron Recipes for the whole family. - To be honest, its really hard not to love anything cooked on a pie iron.

23 different easy to follow camp fire/coals recipes from BestCampRecipes.com

loads of camping recipes. Recipes for pie irons, foil packets, no utensils, etc. I like the look of the cheese delights and the grilled mountain burrito squares. Thinking about it, a crunchwrap would work too. For Colorado and Moab this summer!

Healthier than a pastry, more delicious than a sandwich. Recipe and instructions here.

Healthier than a pastry, more delicious than a sandwich. Recipe and instructions here.

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Cast Iron Square Pie Iron - tons of recipes!

The Rome Cast Iron Square Pie Iron is the classic pie iron loved by camp cookers throughout North America since Made from quality cast iron, the gene .