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I'm sorry

Mom, I'm sorry for all the things I did as a kid. Will you please remove the curse that my kids will be ten times worse than me?So true.

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So TRUE! Your loving and patient mother clocks off at I suggest you get your tiny butt in bed before angry and "I've had enough!

Lies our parents told us. Scary how we’ve all heard the same things. Is there a parent group for this?

This is so funny. My mom told me the watermelon one too.Parents scaring their kids with lies


why am i in the water. why is he and wtf is that seriously haha hope you enjoy. why am i in the water is he and wtf that seriously haha hope you enjoy

12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood

12 Hilarious Comics That Nail The Reality Of Parenthood

Greeting card artist and dad of two Brian Gordon wanted to create a comic that was a bit more personal than usual. "I thought I had figured out what kids were like and how to parent after the

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Top 10 Momisms LOL I have used all of these recently. I also read this as top 10 Mormonisms LOL