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Beautiful springtime weather

Beautiful springtime weather

kansas y ya sabemos qué pudo haber pasado... (jpd)

Epic supercell thunderstorm clouds in Kansas from photographer Camille Seaman. - This is the stuff that literally gives me nightmares! Thank God I've never lived in Kansas or else I would have to be on anxiety medication.

A beautiful shot of lenticular clouds over the Sandwich islands. These clouds form from a combination of airflow interruption and evaporation, and have been mistaken for UFOs due to their strange shape.

clouds in the sky above Grytviken, South Georgia island, at the cold edge of Southern Atlantic Ocean (off the eastern tip of South America, in the Sandwich Islands)

Cloud over Kansas

Photo by Thomas Zimmerman. "A violent thunderstorm builds on the plains of Kansas over a beautiful red barn in Ellis County, Kansas." I was born in Ellis County!

Tornado, Ozarks, Missouri

Tornado, The Ozarks, Missouri photo via lesley. i know it,s not kansas. But it,s a twister!

✯ Summer thunderstorm striking Snowmass Colorado :: Photography by Thomas OBrien ✯

✯ Summer thunderstorm striking Snowmass Colorado :: Photography by Thomas OBrien ✯ .

Waterspout. Australia.

Waterspout, Australia: Fair weather waterspouts begin at the surface of water and work upward. Tornadic waterspouts develop downward during a thunderstorm.

monster supercell, burwell, nebraska | nature + weather photography

PRO Ryan McGinnis Burwell Monster A vertical shot of the monster HP supercell that pummeled the open range north of Burwell, Nebraska, June This storm had several rain-wrapped tornadoes earlier in the storm's lifecycle.

Circle lightning

Ball Lightning This bizarre electrical phenomenon usually occurs during thunderstorms and lasts for up to thirty seconds. Balls of lightening are said to behave in strange ways, hovering, rolling, hissing

.Oh God, this looks like the end. ..

Powerful reminder of summer storms on the farm. Let us walk in the thunderstorm