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A group of religious traditions that are earth-oriented, polytheistic, and/or focused on Goddess worship such as Wicca, Druidry, and Heathenry.


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gilgamesh and enki

Biblical Creation   SIMILARITIES BETWEEN SEPERATED CULTURES..  Disprove evolution. How did people in Mexico know what was happening in Egypt? If we became separated and evolved into groups what are the chances they would be doing things the same way? If people had a memory or passed down stories from a time before the Babel dispersion when God confused language and man went separate ways, this would show the common similarities because we all came from the same place.By the way this picture…

Above: No records exist of any contact between these civilizations. How, then, can we explain parallels like pyramid construction, corbel arches, and mummification? Interesting parallels - NOT aliens!

December 18, 2014 ADDENDUM: Make sure that when you build the pyramidal tower, that it has a base of 3, NOT 4!!! This is another reason why you need 3 people and with 3 sides that equals 9 which is the number of Source – it is all about completion and perfection!!!!!!!! The 4 based ...Continue Reading

Stillness in the Storm : Russian Scientists Build And Study Pyramids

Chan Chan Peru

Endangered Site: Chan Chan, Peru