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Miltary : Photo

‘Barsook’ (Badger) (Russian : Барсук) is a Russian machine gun chambered for the round. It is a modernized version of the PKM machine gun, developed during the in order to.

US Marine Force Recon in Afghanistan Dedicated to you MAS! you like crazy! our short time together.

The Division cosplay costume by RBF-productions-NL

Finally finishen this Costume made and worn by Rick Boer (& Koda) Picture by Nathalie Bakker The Division cosplay costume

German Army Bundeswehr Luchs 8x8 amphibious reconnaissance [640 x 413]

German Army Bundeswehr Luchs amphibious reconnaissance armoured fighting vehicle, unfortunately not in service anymore (phased out and replaced by the armoured recon car "Fennek") .


onesixthscalepictures: Very Hot Combat Control Team (CCT) : Latest product news for scale figures inch collectibles) from Sideshows .

An Irish soldier using the newly upgraded Steyr Aug.[1181 x 1772]

Irish 130 Defence Forces soldiers from the Infantry Group entering the final phase of intense training in preparation for their forthcoming deployment to the United Nations Disengagement Observation Force, (UNDOF) based in the Golan Heights.