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adrien soooo likes marinette

This just proves my OTP is shooting. MARICHAT and ADRIENETTE ROCKS! Adrien likes mari. He probably has a major crush on her.and the poor kid doesnt know it yet

Look kitty! Follow the light!

Miraculous Ladybug & Chat Noir - Chat Noir is not a Cat - Cat Noir - Marinete - Marichat

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miraculous ladybug | Tumblr

Starting to feel the Christmas mood thanks to the Miraculous Ladybug special

Miraculous ladybug | Tumblr

Miraculous ladybug | Tumblr

Here's the full comic. I didn't make it, so if you know the original artist, comment below. *Plagg in the background eating cheese


Why do some people still look for "proof " when it s actually canon that he likes both marinette and Lady bug and even feels conflicted bc of that? It's canon, yes he likes marinette

Chat noir: but why? Chat noir's brain: BECAUSE YOU CAN'T WHEN YOU'RE ADRIAN! Chat noir: good point... *says stupid cat pun*

Ladybug: *say something* Chat noir's brain: Say a stupid cat pun Chat noir: Why Chat noir's brain: You gotta

Marinett is a 14 year old girl who everyone hates in her school even her crush adrian hates cuz how she wins everything and is always perfect at everything. she's a bit clumsy and a bit to perfect at times and is always bossing alya around.

Miraculous LadyBug | Леди Баг и Супер-кот

Miraculous LadyBug | Леди Баг и Супер-кот

An AU where Felix is Adrien's older brother! (Miraculous Ladybug)

y si FELIX fuera el hermano mayor de ADRIEN ?<<< idk man people come up with these head cannons and I'm over here like "did this happen in the show? Is Felix rly the name of chat noir in the first anime style or his cousin ?