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DARPA wants to build an Avengers-like flying aircraft carrier, to make drones even more effective

Leckie Class carrier length beam draght proplushion - 8 steam turbines driving hydrojets speed - 40 knots armament- howitzers in dual mounts.

Drone Delivery

The online retail giant is moving toward its planned “Prime Air” drone delivery system

TWS-Vanquish by Oxygino Illustration of "Vanquish" - an unmanned aerial vehicle designed by Trident World Systems.: Futuristic Vehicle, Fictional Vehicles, Aircraft Concept, Imaginary Vehicles, Concept Art, Scifi, Fantasy Sci Fi Vehicles, Alien S

Never mind the mechanics of these fantastical digital art renderings of alien spaceships, advanced military vehicles and futuristic aircraft. Whether or not they’re compatible with the laws o…

Floating Aircraft Carrier | The Avengers Concept Art by Steve Jung.

Portaaviones aéreo conceptual, película "The Avengers" por Steve Jung / Concept air carrier, "The Avengers" movie by Steve Jung

he's carrying 2 million tons w/the help of the exoskeleton

La high-tech entre en guerre