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Breakfast Club, Stuff To Buy

Confuse the hell out of your students when you hand out the mixed messages pencils. Originally designed to promote anti-drug awareness, these writing utensils will hilariously backfire once the shortening of the pencil reveals a very different message.

Mixed Messages Pencils

Discover & shop for cool items and gadgets, amazing gift ideas and cool things to buy that you never knew you needed.

Napoleon Dynamite, Stuff To Buy

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If Your Kid Stops Believing In Santa This Year. - Let's turn that frown upside down !

Questionable Content: New comics every Monday through Friday

What to do instead of drinking.

Don't Fu*king Procrasinate coffee mug : 2color (b/w)

Don't fucking procrastinate. Mug

November ’13 – Peanuts Collection Showcase  – Check out the latest additions to our online Snoopy, Charlie Brown and Peanuts Collection on CollectPeanuts.com: Action Figures & Playsets, Address Books, Decorative Plates, Greeting Cards, Figurines and Snowglobes!

November 2013 - Peanuts Collection Showcase

May I present detective Snoopy Holmes at your disposal. One very smart observant dog.