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Pantone macarons. Food styling on Artluxe Designs. #artluxedesigns

Pantone Food – Turning colorful ingredients into appetizing Pantone colors With her Pantone Food series, the creative American Lucy Litman is having fun transforming colorful foods and ingredients.

Lucy Litman PAntone Food 23

Pantone Food – Transformer les aliments en couleurs Pantone appétissantes

servilletas de lino con ojales cosidos para una reunión muy bien curada.

Natural Linen Hand-Sewn Buttonhole Napkin Set

Soft linen napkins go with a meal of backyard tomatoes and basil tossed with fresh pasta and grated parmesan. Made of pure, natural linen in a solid hue, these napkins have a frayed edge and a hand-se

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Designer Lucy Litman celebrates the beautiful colors found in the world by matching food items with their Pantone swatches. For months now, the creati

Designer Pairs Different Foods with Their Pantone Swatch Colours - BlazePress