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Loving the truth in this cartoon. :-) Voting is where it's at! state primary elections are today, Polls are open until 8 p.

Most of those who vehemently oppose the healthcare law are the largest consumers of federal aid.

Double Take 'Toons: Speaking Of Health...

Let's wish former Vice President Dick Cheney a quick recovery after his heart transplant.

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Monitor Political Cartoons

Political Cartoon.  This political cartoon is creative. The man wearing the uniform of NSA (National Security Agency) are using the lenses of the binoculars which is acting as the "O"s, give it humor and creativity but still a clear message. In occurring news today, Google has taken flight on the NSA for snooping through company data.

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True -- Boondocks, one of the greatest comic strips EVER!

“ newwavefeminism: “ determinedone: “ Boondocks Comic Strip ” Boondocks speaking blunt truth, as always… ” I need to read more of this ”

This is the state of our American Dream. Still as long as we be who we are, Lady Liberty is not done yet.... Use your own creativity to help her rise again. We don't have to be one mindset of hate and war to recover. Its how she got in this condition.... Rise up America, restore our pride and respect freedom of choice...Yours and mine!!!!))))

Rise up America! Restore our pride and respect freedom of choice.