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Is it really an EMERGENCY? The ER doctor is not your primary care physician (PCP)!!

Free, Get Well Ecard: Here's your prescription for get the heck out of the ER and go see your family doctor about this stupid crap.

This is true! Whenever I hear running footsteps I get a rush of adrenaline... Then I remember that I work with some nurses who are willing to run for things that I consider worthy of a brisk walk at the maximum.

Or a bed alarm.mainly a code though. So move your ass and you can do chest compressions!

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I Know I Have One  See more funny pics at killthehydra.com!

lol tis true sometimes.girls do say suck my dick even tho we don't have one. wonder if that saying would make it as far as suck my dick. Oh just some random thoughts.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how serious are they when it says "do NOT drink alcohol while taking this medicine"?

Funny Confession Ecard: On a scale of 1 to how serious are they when it says. 'do NOT drink alcohol while taking this medicine'?

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Funny pictures about Why did I unfriend you? Oh, and cool pics about Why did I unfriend you? Also, Why did I unfriend you?

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Most definitely he isn't a real man. And if he cheated on me with you it's because you were easy and he will do it again if he hasn't already. Once a cheater always a cheater!


Funny Workplace Ecard: Nursing - a profession where 'rolling fatties' means something entirely different .



I love it when people don't want to say penis around me because I might be offended like some delicate little flower... Oh but the looks I get when I say that I've seen hundreds... :-P

Remember, I work in the medical field. You're going to have to say a lot to gross me out. The truth!