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Joey Ramone

16 Iconic Celebrities With Their Cats Joey Ramone The Ramones frontman and his cat, Spats.

Affectionately Cool Black cat gettin' wit Lead Singer, Joey Ramone --- ( I don't wanna be a Pinhead no more, I just met a nurse that I could go for, [[: neer-na neer na neer na :]]

The Ramones. Joey liked cats, solidifies his God status. Long live The Ramones.

Joey Ramone

Joey Ramone and a really beautiful cat. I think this is my favourite picture of Joey, such a sweet man, and so sad he's gone.

Joey Ramone - My wonderful late wife Theres met him once while she was working in a 7-11. He came in for a 6-pack. She said she could hardly get any intelligible words out but he was nice about her clumsiness.

Joey Ramone - May 1951 – April 2001 - Hey Ho Let's Go missing you dearly

A Ramone's Haircut, pleez

No need for a punk haircut when you’re Joey Ramone. In fact, no need for any haircut at all when you’re Joey Ramone (photo by Larry Jaffee in New York City ca.

Joey Ramone wearing The Who

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