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Here comes Pikachu. He is made of RICE?don't worry Pikachu, I'll save you in a little sweet frozen frame!

Fruit Owl - body is a slice of pear, eyes kiwi & blueberries, nose a raspberry, wings green grapes, feet & eye brows red grapes, and a pretzel stick

A merenda....frutta!!!

Healthy fresh fruit owl Fun food for kids Creative snack dessert idea +++ Buho…

Pepa Pigs

Bacon Ranch Piggy bites - recipe calls from frozen bread dough, not sure if we have this in Australia, but I know my US friends will love this. So cute and I have no doubt they are yummy!

Pear Hedgehog/Porcupine

Grape and Pear Hedgehog fruit diy recipes crafts diy ideas party ideas party food food art kids food

Fruit Peacock

Fruit Peacock [Fun Food For Kids] (Pears and grapes are a great source of fiber but kids will just think this is FUN! Healthy food lets kids produce healthy poo that makes easier.