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really want to create this but could use a different animal such as butterflies flying out of the eye

A beautiful female eye cries tears of koi fish in this black and white illustration by Nanami Cowdroy

aaron athena collage

This would be an awesome tattoo, could change the girls face, colors, different animal. I like the owl a lot though.

Leila's Journey to Life: Day 98: Stress Management

My design inspiration: Drawing Restraints Canvas Set on Fab.by Agnes Cecile aka Silvia Pelissero

Eye Sketch, Sketches

By this artist, go check her work, truly amazing ! http://instagram.com/delphiechu https://www.youtube.com/user/EdenKaine

hmmm maybe something like this but like with a wolf where the skull is and a skull where the girl is and take the green leaves out, just leave the roses… yeah… That’s it

Zébre - Plume - Aquarelle - Bleu

Blue Zebra Art Print Large Wall Art Home Decor, Feather Art, Modern art, Zebra Feather Watercolor, via Etsy.

art, be you, beauty, birds, broken, drawing, fly, freedom, heartbroken, live, love, no love, sad, sadness, sketch, speechless

Seagulls were the souls of dead soldiers. Doves were the recently departed souls of unmarried girls. Was there a bird for the souls of people like me?

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La Magie positive des Aquarelles de Luqman Reza

Indonesian artist & illustrator Luqman Reza Mulyono, known as ‘Jongkie’, uses watercolors to create colorful animal illustrations with a whimsical touch.

Little Bird 2 Painted with Indian Ink and Watercolour by Abby Diamond. I want to do something with water color