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Connor Franta ♥ he's adorable, hilarious,, and makes awesome vids! I watch em every frantastic monday:D

You're strong too, you just have to prove it...

Shane Dawson has an eating disorder, zoe has a panic disorder, Joey graceffa has a learning disability, tyler has a eating disorder, Phil was bullied and Dan dropped out of college

Jacksgap, Marcus Butler, Alfie pointless blog, Zoella, Sam Pepper, Maz, ...I could go on and on and on...

UHH let's see. Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire), Phil Lester (Amazingphil), Jack and Finn Hariess (Jacksgap), PJ Idon'tknowhislastname (KickthePJ), and Chis Nocluewhatislastnameis (crabsticks)

Zoella quote from favourite lipsticks- one of the first videos she did. I can speak for all of her viewers when i say that we are all so proud of her! Love you Zoe!

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AWW we're sorry we love you King Franta