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Великолепная 23" Закрытым Ртом Пухлые Кестнер Античная Ребенка Куклу! от kathylibratysantiques на Руби Лейн

~Thank You EB~Gorgeous 23" Closed Mouth Pouty Kestner Antique Child Doll

~Thank You EB~Gorgeous 23 Closed Mouth Pouty Kestner Antique Child Doll!


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Rare Glass-Eyed Variation of the German Bisque Character, 114,Kammer and Reinhardt  4000/6500

Marks: K*R 114 Comments: Kammer and Reinhardt,circa glass-eyed variation of their "Gretchen" model. Value Points: rare model with fine luminous patina of bisque,deeply modeled features,original body and body finish,fine antique costume.

Ensemble - The Hanne Büktas Collection: 9 French All-Bisque Smiling Mignonette with Original Costume

Theriault's - Wonderful All-Original French Bisque with Baby, 6 " and French Mignonettes