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Scholarship Mom Alert: MathMovesU Middle School Scholarship. Yes, Virginia, there are scholarships for Middle School students!

Yes, Virginia, there are scholarships for Middle School students!

Looking for scholarships for school? Well here are a few places you need to be looking instead

Where to Find Scholarships Before and During College

Any parent of a college or college-bound student NEEDS to read this awesome book!

College Prep for POCS (Parents of College-bound Students): Costs of Attendance /// via Student Caring

Many families wonder about private scholarships--sources of funding for college that are not offered by the federal government or colleges. Advertisements on the Internet make it seem as if there are abundant untapped private scholarships to fund education. And while it is true that there are private scholarships available for...

Guess we'll be needing this pretty soon. College Admissions: 10 Scholarships Anyone Can Apply For

Do This NOW to Find College Scholarships!  #College #Scholarships

Do This NOW to Find College Scholarships!

Here is a GREAT tip that helped me find more local college scholarships for my own kids. Do this now to find college scholarships!

Washington Media Scholars Foundation Scholarships #College #Scholarships

Quick Easy College Scholarships

The Washington Media Scholars Foundation offers a unique scholarship opportunity to college students majoring in the media industry.

Completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is an essential step in seeking financial assistance.

Learn how completing the FAFSA, Free Application for Federal Student Aid, form can help make affording college a reality.