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Every year, this is me..have a lot of tickets with the 11th April on them :')

Every time! Theatre kid problems - thespian peacock - director can hear you whisper back/ offstage but can't hear you projecting on stage

priceless lol

Thespian Peacock{This also happens during practices and auditions} I can't even tell you how accurate this is

Yup. . .

This is why my group likes to bring the party to them :) sometimes public places don't appreciate our company. Honestly Mi friends and I sang Hamilton so loud😂😂.


The 50 Best (and most hilarious) Theatre Memes


The 50 Best (and most hilarious) Theatre Memes

28 Experiences Only Drama Club Kids Could Understand. Drama Mamas understand them too!

Thespian Peacock - dreading the day i turn 20 because ill no longer be able to say Im 19, but Im old for my age when people ask me how old i am

Tokyo Pudding, Spring Awakening is a musical adaptation of the.

Thespian peacock

Thespian Peacock - but your are not a theatre kid when you DO sing along.Awful thing to do

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