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www.IndianMiniaturePaintings.co.uk - Paintings archive (i.e. sold) 2014

Indian miniature painting: Folio from a Bhagavata Purana manuscript: rishi Pulaha at his hermitage.

A Visual Compendium of Succulents...

100 Expert Gardening Tips, Ideas and Projects that Every Gardener Should...

Stunning new images from the Hubble Space Telescope reveal gas pillars in the Eagle Nebula.

New Pillars of Creation

NASA - 2014 Hubble High Definition Image of - Pillars of Creation Art Print. Explore our collection of NASA fine art prints, giclees, posters and hand crafted canvas products

Definition House: Today's #DailyDefinition brought to you by the word...petrichor via @DefinitionHouse

Between Surreal and Fantasy by Cyril Rolando, digital painting. This was selected for the blend of landscape and figure. I wish that the eye had been mixed into the hill as effectively as the rest as it doesn't conform to the apparent theme.

Painting: Edward Hopper, Solitary Figure in a Theater, 1902-04

Edward Hopper, Solitary Figure in a Theatre, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; Hopper Bequest ©Heirs of Josephine N. Hopper, licensed by the Whitney Museum of American Art. Photograph by Robert E.

Calypso Maison, Styled by Justina Blakeney, Photography by Dabito.

Before and After : Calypso Maison

Calypso Maison, Styled by Justina Blakeney, Photography by Dabito. framed textile archive of French engraver, painter, and textile artist Paule Marrot.

www.IndianMiniaturePaintings.co.uk - Paintings archive (i.e. sold) 2015

Venugopala: Krishna sits on a lotus flower, an adoring cow at either side. Bikaner royal library stamp, by Ustad Hasan in 1766

Yves Saint Laurent: the final show archive | Photography | Agenda | Phaidon; http://uk.phaidon.com/agenda/photography/picture-galleries/2011/september/13/yves-saint-laurent-the-final-show-archive/?idx=1

Alexandra Boulat ~ Yves Saint Laurent's Last Show ☸ڿڰۣ—

Coco Chanel.


For the first time, CHANEL tells the legendary story behind it's renowned fragrance, Chanel Journey back in time through the CHANEL archives into the he.

An Anarchic Region of Star Formation. NGC 6559 is a cloud of gas and dust located at a distance of about 5000 light-years from Earth, in the constellation of Sagittarius (The Archer). The glowing region is a relatively small object, just a few light-years across, in contrast to the one hundred light-years and more spanned by its famous neighbour, the Lagoon Nebula (Messier 8, eso0936).

Anarchic Region of Star Formation-- The Danish telescope located at ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile has captured a striking image of NGC an object that showcases the anarchy that reigns when stars form inside an interstellar cloud.

Krishna worshipped under the form of Srinathji  by Anonymous - print

Krishna worshipped under the form of Srinathji by Anonymous - British Library Prints