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battle cleaver - Google Search

battle cleaver - Google Search

John Stezaker - Empty Kingdom - Art Blog

John Stezaker Mask CXLIX, 2010 collage x cm (unframed) Courtesy the artist and The Approach, London

Falchion blade - Google Search

Falchion blade - I find the elegantly curved blade makes me think of Elven Swords

The D’Capitan: Sabre

The D'Capitan: Sabre - Zombie Tools

shoulder armour - Google Search

Separate sect of people Marye is with. Because they choose to remain in the old tradition rather than modernizing out of the woods and into cities. Make the armor a little more appropriate/useful

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Funny pictures about Samurai Mask In Gold And Black. Oh, and cool pics about Samurai Mask In Gold And Black. Also, Samurai Mask In Gold And Black photos.

War weapons in medieval times. Richard III was thought to have been killed by a soldier yielding a Halberd.

A knights weapon of choice was usually the sword, but swords were difficult to…