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Partially built

Partially built


Fixed Gear Bikes rock in vibrate colours. we do loads at The B Store Birmingham

☆ Curved Aero Racer Bicycle ☆

Cherubim HummingBird Cycling work of art - Bicycle - Bike

Well, here's one strange way to recycle shoes! - - - - -There's where my other shoe went!

World’s Most Funniest Bikes

Shoe wheels on bicycle, just an image. Source has many other interesting vehicles though.

B1K Concept Bicycle Features Unique Chainless Drivetrain

Concept Cycle Sculpted as a race bike, it features a chainless drivetrain, carbon fiber construction and scant few details on the rest of the design. DESIGNER: PEUGEOT (don't know how comfortable it would be, but it looks cool!

/by mobius cycle #flickr #sexy #Moser #roadie

1978 Moser World Champion built up with modern parts. A bit gaudy, but still somehow sexy. The "world champion" colored spokes really do it for me, too. Beautiful 1978 Moser race bike 👍👌🔥na

This Arabesque frame with the Fleur de Lyse cut lugs was one of the last of the limited series that were produced. There was a commercial arrangement with Rauler to build certain frames under contract.

Sentinella minimalist fixed gear bike // Bertelli Cycles

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