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josie on

When he sings I die a little<<< and is it just me or does he look super super sexy with his hand in his jean pocket?<<< He looks super sexy with his hands in his pockets

at first i was like 'oh. a cute picture of niall with his sleeves rolled up.' and then i saw the curly hair...

Hahah harry is behind him and I was like "what's up with his hair? yaas nialler wearing yo hamburg shirt luv u so much babyyyyyy

Niall with brown hair oh holypumkinslicedinhalfwithasquirrelinsideiteatingtheseeds he looks like jeremy sumpter. *dies*

man he looks just wow as a brunette. I love him blond or brunette I just love him anyway:)

He looks good like this. Niall Horan / One Direction

love this boy so much xx I can't even explain even if he gets married he will always be mine and my little Irish snowflake

cheesefries ‏@Wheres1D   Could his body be anymore perfect, shoulders, arms, hips, waist, hands, face, everything. im dead.

1D Updates on

stop being adorable

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