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Artista crea Proyecto Fotográfico con Preservativos y Agua

A condom challenge humor art photography project by photographer and digital artist Andreas Varro

Humor and art have always been a thing for me and trying to combine these to grab people's attention while making them laugh is what makes me love my job.

Prof Robert E Kelly, his kids and wife return to BBC News to talk about their unexpected viral fame.

This selfie booth blasts you with 270mph wind before taking your picture

This selfie booth blasts you with wind before taking your picture

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Some things can never be unseen. Sadly, very true in this case. http://ibeebz.com

Kate Winslet And Leo DiCaprio Still Drop Titanic Lines On Each Other

7 Creative Ways to Use A Ring Flash

27 Photos You Won't Believe -- Or At Least You Shouldn't (Slide - Offbeat

This Japanese Pool Player's Unbelievably Enthusiastic Interviews Are Just The Best

Dutch photographer Martijn van Oers and narrator Andress Kools have created stunning series of photos showing the adventures of a modern day knight.

Enchanting and Surreal Wet Plate Collodion Photography by Alex Timmermans

15 Common Things You Shouldn’t Let Your Cat Eat No Matter What Your Cat Tells You

Cats, as any cat owner can tell you, are hard to discipline. No matter how much you scold your cat for jumping onto the counter and eating your dinner they're bound to do it again.