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Sophie Mirrored Vanity Table

Complete your vanity station with our curated chic tables, chairs, stools and benches – or go with the ultimate choice, the critically-acclaimed Impressions Van

Ellen Mirrored Vanity Table

Crisp, modern, and daring to flirt with the edge, the Ellen mirrored vanity table is ready for all of its angles. Three spacious drawers open to reveal a playground of storage space for every glam need you have!

Anna Mirrored Vanity Desk

Classically elegant and reflectively radiant, the Juliette mirrored vanity table is a perfect and polished piece. Sporting 3 drawers, the flexibility to store your makeup, brushes, and accessories is as wide open as your imagination.

SlayStation Plus Premium Vanity Table MUST HAVE

SlayStation Plus Premium Vanity Table

Slay all day with the Impressions Vanity® SlayStation™ Plus Vanity Table – seamlessly mount your Hollywood Glow™ XL or Plus for the ultimate vanity station!

Zara Modern Quilted Vanity Chair

Shop now and join thousands of makeup fans and pros in love with their Impressions Vanity Hollywood Vanity Mirrors, Acrylic Makeup Organizers and other SLAYssentials!

Chloe White and Gold Vanity Table

Chloe White and Gold Vanity Table

There is nothing more luxe than pure white— unless it's paired with brilliant gold, that is. The Chloe vanity table is polished to perfection with a semi-matte finish and two large drawers to house palettes, organizers, brushes, and more.

Rose Gold Jewelry Tree

Rose Gold Jewelry Tree

Display your favorite jewelry in total style with this striking jewelry tree. The polyresin statue is finished in fashionable rose gold to add elegance and shine to your dresser or vanity.

Ava Espresso Vanity Desk

Simone Black and Gold Vanity Table