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Pearls have a long association with the monarchy and they are still a firm favourite of the Queen today. But it was Diana who made them fashionable among the younger generation.

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August Prince Charles, Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry attend the commemoration of VJ Day at Buckingham Palace, London.

Lady Di, una princesa congelada en el tiempo

Lady Di, una princesa congelada en el tiempo

Princess Diana was the Real Deal, a truly caring person, one in a million. After her divorce, Diana could have rested on her laurels. The People's Princess, single hand-idly changed the monarchy forever. But Diana had a singular calling, an affinity with those in need & hurting. Although her duties were downscaled, Diana managed to bring her celebrity to assist in causes such as road-mines.

January Diana, Princess of Wales tours a minefield dressed in a flak jacket and face shield in Huambo, central Angola. The Princess was visiting Angola for the Red Cross, to see for herself the carnage mines can cause.

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Speaking in London at a conference on European Drugs Prevention Week, Diana stressed traditional family values in stopping children experimenting with drugs.


Britain's Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris at age :: 17 March Diana meets South African President Nelson Mandela in Cape Town. He praised Diana for having infuenced his government to ban the making of anti-personnel mines.

Diana trying on a kimono in Japan 1986

Princess Diana death: Police reject claims princess and lover Dodi Al Fayed were killed by SAS hit squad