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I want to have a replica made of his awesome moustache and beard in my hair color.

Like the pose and also the costume in this image. I want to keep it simple and crisp maybe have my model wearing a plain white or black t shirt. Suggesting a white background to the hair  stands out and doesn't blend into the backdrop

Curly Moustache: This image shows a different take on a regular moustache and I love the vintage curled style.

men taper fade haircuts with beard

This Haircut Is A "Taper Fade". This Haircut Was Executed Using The Babyliss pro-USA Clipper. a step by step guide to how to get taper fade haircuts

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chrisjohnmillington: “ Chris John Millington for Outsiders Apparel ”

It's the wrinkles around the eyes. Does it for me every time. ~W

There is NOTHING sexier and more beautiful than a handsome middle aged man! It's the wrinkles around the eyes. Does it for me every time💕

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Levi Stocke - full beard and mustache beards bearded man men mens' style portrait bearding handsome by fanny