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Epix Presentation during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour in Los Angeles, 30 July 2016

Richard Armitage Talks Hannibal TV Series with KAT

Richard Armitage Talks Hannibal TV Series with KAT

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Richard Armitage and others in Santa Cruz, La Palma, Canary Islands

Tight tee...I had to pin it...there he was all lonely and...and...gorgeously muscled... Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage California Base From The Hobbit:AUJ Extended Ediiton

Naboo Pilot - Richard Armitage

An Extraordinary “Extra.” A Surprising Armitage Autograph

Naboo Pilot - Richard Armitage Seems that when you are a famous "extra", suddenly the merchandizing folks notice.

Crispin's eclipse: Richard Armitage, your fans are the best!

Richard Armitage working on The Hobbit. Another fantastic photo of The Real Man (not The Fantasy) - at work.

Richard Armitage

This is a suit that really suits him (hats off for the stylist)