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Découvrez les œuvres de Sandrine Boulet

Hallucinations de rue

One day, Sandrine realized that she had a magical eye, one that can see things beyond reality. So she dropped her job as an art director and started diverting urban objects.

they just look so pretty.

DIY Neon Painted Sticks fun trees from book pages Mixed Media Love Bird Art Lots Of Paint Tips - Use Glad Press 'n' Seal to protect objects .


Small objects made by Ghostpatrol for ‘Made to Last‘ - A NETS Victoria exhibition in partnership with the Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation at the University of Melbourne and supported by Latrobe Regional Gallery.

chanel spring 2015 couture | chanel-spring-2015-couture-set-white-flowers-forest-gardener

7 Things to See From the Chanel Couture Show (Kris Jenner's WTF Outfit Included)

7 Things to See From the Chanel Couture Show (Kris Jenner's WTF Outfit Included)

made out of flipflops!!

Flip Flop Wings - What an awesome idea for using old flip flops! I'm sure a lot of people have old flip flops they don't use anymore that they could donate. We can have them write on the flip flops a place they've walked/travelled to!

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

Ryan Gosling Coloring Book

It's time we said thanks to Ryan Gosling. He's given us so much, and now there's a Ryan Gosling coloring book to fill the hours we aren't staring at Hey Girl memes!

Street Art: I love the possibility of using a medium such as spray paint to create a fine arts image/subject.

The Explosively Colorful Spray Paint Portraits of David Walker street art portraits painting

cairns of color | teesha's circus

teesha's circus: cairns of color Her work is a lot of fun, she had good ideas and more.

How to make a concrete Stool from a bucket, concrete, dowel and some white paint. A super easy DIY perfect to use as bedside tables for a bedroom.

LD NOTES: take together multiple pizza/square or round boxes. Measure how tall I want the table to be and buy wood dowels. Make cement, pour in boxes, and then add in dowels.