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This almost tempts me to dial random numbers and I hope I come up with a band member.

More specifically, what if you accidently called Gerard Way? I would die and just flip out!<< yup pretty much

Magcon, Dolan twins, Nathan triska, Blake gray, Jacob sartouris, woahitsjonas, hunter Rowland, Brandon Rowland, Cameron Dallas , bruhitszach, mark Thomas, and more

umm yes luke hemmings. currently he's not on tour but ya know

Basically my life. I may not have been to any meet and greets or run into one of the members of the magic animal club on the streets cause I am to busy watching their videos, working on their pinterest boards, and making stuff for them that they will never see.

So freakin' true. I hate the rich girls who get to meet their favorite band or bands or artist or artist several times. The rich girl probably isn't a true fan.

BTS really

seriously though imagine how awesome it would be to be best friends with band members

YES! i have all four walls covered...so about 170 posters...last time i counted which was a few weeks ago...don't judge. :)

I have 26 walking dead posters, an Imagine dragons poster, a twd calender, three Hunger Games posters, A TFIOS poster and not to mention all my magazine clip outs