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Real estate agents need to learn and love smart-home technology. Here are three tips for showing and selling the smart home.

Forgot to turn off the lights? Tired of always adjusting the theromstat? The automated home has you covered.

What can a smart home do for you? [Infographic]

Smart Homes and Home Automation: Technology to Make Life Easier

Home Automation Benefits (Infographic) | Home Technology | Scoop.it

Home Automation Benefits (Infographic)

The folks at My Alarm Center recently put together a pretty spiffy infographic on some of the awesome benefits of home automation, and what home automation technologies can do. Here it is: Some of …

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Embedded systems are not just for business environments anymore. The technology is coming home, and Android OS is coming with it. When it comes to hom

The Smart Home- Convenience vs. Privacy

The Smart Home- Convenience vs.

Energy Savings and Home Automation.. http://www.brewercommercialservices.com/

Home Automation Energy Saving Tips Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Technology category. Check out Home Automation Energy Saving Tips now!

نظام إنذار أمن المنزل هو أحد الطرق لحماية منزلك وممتلكاتك الشخصية. هناك العديد من أنواع مختلفة من أنظمة إنذار الأمن المتاحة واختيار واحد يمكن أن تكون ساحقة. يتم تبسيط العملية إلى حد كبير إذا كنت تفهم الخيارات المتاحة في إنذار الأمن والعوامل التي يجب مراعاتها عند اختيار واحد لغرض حماية منزلك.

The home security trends of 2017 are moving towards on clear direction, and that is smart home security systems. "Smart homes" are already here. Smart homes connect multiple devices, from lights, fridges to locks, to increase convenience

How Automation Could Improve Your Home

How Automation Could Improve Your Home [Infographic]

Home automation is becoming increasingly popular thanks to convenience, security and money saving opportunities it can provide. This infographic from JNB Aerials shows just a few of the ways you could improve your home through automation.

How to Build Your Smart Home: A Beginner's Guide

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2017

How to Build Your Smart Home: A Beginner's Guide