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Don't even remember the name of this thing

Don't even remember the name of this thing

I think I have figured out when my interest (obsession?) in fashion and clothes started. It was way before my parents could afford to buy me Barbie dolls.  Rather, it had to do with paper dolls, ye…

Of Paper Dolls and Cute Rabbits

BBC Test card. Waiting for kids tv to start on a Saturday morning..... !! that clown doll is the reason I hate clowns, it freaked me out for years lol it's so creepy

The iconic BBC test card F, starring Bubbles the Clown: terrifying viewers since 1967

Nostalgia - 1980s petite post office. We also bought my Granny one of these when she retired after 53 years as a post mistress.

Nostalgia - petite post office I LOVED MINE! I had the bank and office too!

Plasticine - loved the smell. So special to open a new pack. Before long the children rolled them all together in an unattractive sludge. aug16

Plasticine - I loved the way the colours stayed separate, unlike Playdoh, where everything combined to make a murky greeny-brown after a while.

What better way to keep your kids occupied for hours – oh the pain when you accidentally jab your toe with the spade though!  #UKBeachBreak

seaside bucket and spade

Not quite the same as the one I coveted  outside the fabric shop......Charity (original size) in Sidmouth by Philip Watson, via Flickr

Iconic: The Scope collection box

Andy Pandy, Teddy and Loobie lou, first aired on British TV in 1950. My brother was frightened of Loobie Lou for some reason and would hide behind the sofa when she came on the tv.  I still tease him about it haha!

Puppets Andy, Teddy and Looby Loo first appeared on BBC TV on this day July The episodes were repeated for more than 25 years until the film wore out. I had an Andy Pandy doll that i named Peter.Which is really funny as i married a man named Peter ;

Roundabouts. Again, some nutty kid was usually going mental spinning it as fast as he could.

Again, some nutty kid was usually going mental spinning it as fast as he could // Urrghh.

The Wombles. Orinocho, Wellington, Bungle,Thomsk Madame Cholet, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Tobermory

The Wombles. Remember you're a Womble!