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If you’re still friends after a break up, either you still love each other or you never did.
a contemplative post aboutr dealing with and moving on from the past
Ha haaaaa, so true baby;) wish I could actually bring myself to do this!
The girl who is always laughing is also the girl who crys herself to sleep... #quote #true
It's not that life has been easy, perfect or exactly as expected.  I just choose to be happy and grateful, no matter how it all turns out.
10 Quotes About Moving On After A Breakup, Letting Go, Moving Forward | Gurl.com
A good reminder as I just parted ways with someone I care about deeply and love like a sister. I'm not going to try to understand her actions but I am going to move on. Gosh I'm going yo miss her.
There's life after a break up. Some days are easier than others tho.
Break Ups - Jordan Sarah Weatherhead