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DUMANLI YAYLASI- KAYMAKAM PiNARI  #Trekking / #Alpinism / #mountains #climbing / #mountaineering / #wild / #wildlife / #rockclimber / #travel #hikin / #türkiye / #world / #yürüyüş / #sevgi / #huzur / prodoss #arkadaşlık / #dostluk / #doğayürüyüşü /outdoorsports

DUMANLI YAYLASI- KAYMAKAM PiNARI #Trekking / #Alpinism / #mountains #climbing / #mountaineering / #wild / #wildlife / #rockclimber / #travel #hikin / #türkiye / #world / #yürüyüş / #sevgi / #huzur / prodoss #arkadaşlık / #dostluk / #doğayürüyüşü /outdoorsports

O.T.I Imagery

This is why I love the ocean.beautiful colors and awesome power!

Leppäkerttu on hyönteinen, joka on hidasliikkeinen ja sillä on kova kuori. Häirittyinä leppäkertut erittävät keltaista nestettä, joka maistuu ja haisee pahalta.

Our good and lucky bugs, the ones we learned to treat like gems and recite poetry to. "Ladybug, ladybug, fly away gone. Your house is on fire and your children are home." Did a ladybug ever land on you?

Known as roly polies/doodlebugs, or I always called them armadillo bugs, are more commonly called pill bugs, or Armadillidiidae, if you want to get scientific. You can barely lift up a stone or pot without having a couple of these crawl out.  They can live two or three years with the right conditions, which is longer than some of you could keep little “Chippy,” your hamster, alive (oops). They’re cleaners at least. They ingest mold, feces, and other dead bugs.

All u can eat- Pillbugs/Land Shrimp. known as sowbugs or woodlice. The better tasting ones are the ones that roll into a ball. The non-rolling sowbugs are foul smelling n tasting.

20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals

20 Bizarre Animals That You Never Knew Existed animals animal animal pictures cool animals

for the faeries ❧ ladybug on white bell flowers

Beautiful photo of a ladybug wet with dew. Ladybugs are an incredibly helpful insect in the garden.


Spray And Curl. I just love water. Even more when it's blue or turquoise.

Lichen Katydid, Markia Hystrix spotted by Luz Piedad Curran-Gartner in Colombia

IT'S AN INSECT! Lichen Katydid (Markia Hystrix) by Reza Hashemizadeh, projectnoal: Amazing camouflage! Not a mushroom or fungus, or lichen but I thought you would enjoy this little guy.