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Black Retro Style Record Player

just like my first record player no stereo then.

1970s record player turntable...might have something similar in prop stock

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We had this exact suitcase - can look at this picture and remember the smell of it.

Vintage Small Green Train Case

A Train Case with matching suitcase.my mom still has the train case at least.I can still smell it.nothing was better than sneaking in and playing with that jewelry

1970s PYE stereo radiogram model: Cambridge1225

PYE stereo radiogram model: Ours was a Pye like this one but without the black speaker covers

1970's Sabre CB Radio "The Best of The Best".

1970's Sabre CB Radio "The Best of The Best".


ad - I had the famous "Marilynn" dark green Gran Torino

Washing machine

Wild Rose Vintage: Old Maytag Wringer Washers. When I got married 57 years ago this is the kind of wash machine I had!hung everything outside or in the basement in winter!

Retro Vintage Style Old Fashioned Telephone - Black by The Emporium Home, http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B004TS8BCI/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_5DP8sb14J9YMA

Telephone in Black - we had a beige one in our dad's office. I always loved dialing it, lol

During the early 70s power cuts were fairly common in the UK. Without power the central heating system in our house couldn't function, so we had paraffin heaters. The ones we had looked almost exactly like this. To the day I die, I will never forget the strong noxious odour they produced.

Paraffin heaters, they gave off quite a warm comforting smell and cast interesting reflections on the ceiling!

Suzy Smart doll. Talked, added and spelled. Sold in supermarkets 1962.

1962 Suzy Smart doll~ She talked: Hi. My name is Suzy Smart. is 4 + 4 is can spelI. D-o-g spells dog.I can recite.

My Absolute Favorite Game

My Absolute Favorite Game