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You Have Never Lived Till You've Almost Died  For Those Who Fight For It Life Has A Flavor The Protected Will Never Know.  Yea Though I Walk Through The Valley of the Shadow of Death I Fear No Evil For I'm the Evilest Son of a Bitch in the Valley.  Zippo from Bradford Edwards' book "Vietnam Zippos."

This collection of Vietnam War lighters was assembled and sourced by Bradford Edwards for his book "Vietnam Zippos" and the 282 lighters were recently available for auction. The engravings r

Vietnam War Summary – Why did the Vietnam War Start? emailprint

The Infamous Vietnam War, one of the bloodiest conflicts we were involved in; and a huge failure as far as political interests go.

While writing my book, Yesterday's Tomorrow, I viewed countless images of the Vietnam War. I'm sharing the ones that touched my heart. Let us never forget.

Vietnam War Cambodia Laos Huey Helicopters Army G.I. Soldiers M16 Color Photo

Vietnam War Casualty Statistics Total number of U. soldiers / personnel deployed to South Vietnam Total number of U. casualties in the Vietnam War Total number of U. soldiers wounded in the Vietnam War Total military casualties from both sides

vietnam war - The average age of most soldiers during the war was 19.  This picture really shows just how young they were.

By an unknown photographer, August 1965 "Da Nang, Vietnam.A young Marine private waits on the beach during the Marine landing".

A teenage U.S. soldier with an M60 and ammo belts on his shoulders - Vietnam War

Vietnam War, one of the most controversial wars in American history. sent aid to the people of Vietnam when a struggle for power ensued after the French left. Then there was a huge pressure for American intervention. The rest is history.

A collection of engraved Zippo lighters from soldiers of the Vietnam War recently sold at auction for over $30,000. The poignant engravings often reveal a biting gallows humor.

Zippos From The Vietnam War

zippos from vietnam war: A collection of engraved Zippo lighters from soldiers…