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...Doctor Who ? .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

...Doctor Who ? .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

Agreed. I love their faces tho. Jack is mildly amused, the doctor is obviously pleased with himself, and Rose is like please kill me now.

Jack's just like "Are you freaking kidding me, Doctor?" but Rose is like, "They would be terrible last words.

Doctor Who - Time of the doctor

sounds an awful lot like Angel and Cardassia (er.the part dr/master steps n neways)

The XV Doctor remembers....

Oh I love her so much. I really hope that this is the season when the Doctor suddenly says " Oi! I just figured out how to let Donna Noble remember everything without killing her!" :)<<<<< that last bit would make me the happiest Whovian around

A wife, ya idgit

River and the Doctor [gif] The Name of the Doctor, Season 7 Poor Clara - she thinks they're just casual aquaintances and then BAM, he's married :P Clara, Eleven, and River Quote

This was sweet. I like how River kept calling them mother and father throughout the episode. S7E5: The Angels Take Manhattan [gifs] <--- it's because this is one if the few times she could. They knew who she was and she knew who they were. It was finally the entire family together. For the last time.

Amy doesn't call her River. She calls her Melody and tells her to be a good girl. The only time River is treated like a little girl." Definitely a mother saying goodbye to her daughter.

Cute scene from the episode where the Tardis Talks to the Doctor!

I think he's feeling a little offended because of the bow tie thing.

I think he's feeling a little offended because of the bow tie thing. bow ties are cool.

"We've got enough warriors. Any odd idiot can be a hero." "What do I do?" "What…

Clara is amazing. She is exactly what the Doctor needed (just like all the companions have been). She reminds him why he chose to be The Doctor, because he wanted to heal. He as a screwdriver, not a weapon, because he wants to fix.

Tick tock goes the clock till River kills the Doctor.

Well I guess he's a widow so it's ok. <----NO NOT OK. Though I do ship whouffle very very much.

IF anyone would have a "How to be a boyfriend" manual, it would be the doctor.<<Bare in mind this is the man who threw the TARDIS manual in a supernova, "because he disagreed with it.

This scene made me laugh so much. The Doctor, a cowboy? Yeah, right. And him getting the toothpick stuck in his mouth just sums Matt Smith up


This really does break my heart, cause you tend to forget that the Doctor was a dad once. And then you realized that he had a wife and kids, and he destroyed Gallifrey. Doctor Who punctures your heart, people.